Characters will receive adjuncts base don their class in accordance with the progression guidelines currently set forth in Crusader #14. Most of these adjuncts are converted feats from Mongoose Publishing’s Conan the Roleplaying Game. Any requirements for an adjunct will be italicized below the adjunct’s name. Adjuncts are designed to enhance a character’s abilities, not replace creative use of the SIEGE Engine.

Ability Focus

  • Character can choose one class ability that requires a SIEGE check to use. The character gains a permanent +3 bonus to SIEGE checks for that ability. This adjunct can be taken multiple times for different abilities.


  • +2 bonus on all SIEGE checks involving jumping and actions of an acrobatic nature.

Archer’s Bane

Dexterity Prime, Level 5+

  • +1 bonus to AC per range increment against all ranged weapons shot or thrown at you.


  • +2 bonus on all SIEGE checks involving climbing, swimming, running or other forms of strenuous activities.


  • Character only suffers -5 penalty when attacking opponents they cannot see due to invisibility or blindness. Character also only suffers ½ penalty to situational modifiers due to lighting.

Brawler / Martial Artist

Unarmed Expert Adjunct

  • Unarmed attacks do 1d6 + Strength Modifier points of damage. Gains +2 bonus on grapple checks.


Constitution Prime, Level 5+

  • Character suffers no combat penalties for getting drunk. Also, after 2 hours of heavy drinking with a particular group, the character gains +2 bonus on Charisma SIEGE checks for hearing rumors, gaining information, etc from that group. A night of drinking, wenching, and partying counts as a full night’s rest in regards to healing.

Defensive Martial Arts

Must be Khitan, Vendhyan or Himelian and possess the Martial Artist adjunct.

  • When using the hasty Disengagement combat maneuver the character suffers no penalties to their AC nor do they provide their opponent with a free attack as they disengage. Also, if using the Evade combat maneuver they gain an additional +2 to their AC for that round.


Dexterity Prime

  • When wearing light or no armor the character gains a +1 bonus to their AC.

Eyes of the Cat

Must be taken at level 1, Thieves and Assassins can take at any level in which they gain an adjunct.

  • Character gains Dusk Vision

Far Shot

  • When using a projectile weapon, multiply the range increment by 1.5. For thrown weapons multiply the range increment by 2.

Fleet Footed

  • When unencumbered and wearing light or no armor your base movement is increased by +10 feet. Your base movement is increased by +5 feet in medium or heavy armor.


Level 4+

  • Character gains the Knight’s ability of the same name. Dexterity SIEGE rolls to any of the special actions allowed by this ability only add ½ of the character’s level to the roll.

Improved Initiative

Dexterity Prime

  • Character gains a +2 bonus to initiative rolls.

Iron Will

  • Character gains a +2 bonus to Charisma saves, this does not include Charisma based SIEGE checks.

Mounted Archer

  • Character only suffers a -2 penalty when firing a bow from horseback instead of the usual -4 penalty.

Mounted Combat

  • Character suffers no penalty for making melee attacks from horseback.

Poison Expert

Level 4+

  • Character gains use of the Assassin’s class ability of the same name. Any Intelligence SIEGE checks made with this ability only add ½ of the character’s level to the roll.

Rapid Shot

Dexterity Prime

  • Character can make two ranged attacks per round but suffer a -2 penalty to hit with each.

Sleep Mastery

Constitution Prime

  • Character only needs to sleep for six hours a night to be fully rested. Once per week the character can spend one full night without sleep without penalty but must get 12 hours of sleep the following night. The character is also a light sleeper and can make Listening a listening SIEGE check while sleeping if the situation warrants. A successful check means the character becomes fully awake immediately. The character also gains a +2 bonus for saves against any sleep related effect or poison.

Spawn of Dagoth Hill

Can only be taken at 1st level, character must be a Kothian or Zamorian. The character is considered to be Extraplanar in origin and has the following modifications:

  • All damage applied to the character is reduced by 1.
  • Dark Vision 30 feet.
  • Immunity to poison.
  • Base power points raised by 4
  • +1 Dexterity, -1 Constitution
  • Starting fate Points reduced by 2
  • Gains Demonic as starting language

Stunning Attack

Strength Prime, BtH +8

  • Using an unarmed strike, shield, armored gauntlet or pommel of a weapon a character can deliver a Stunning Attack like the monk ability of the same name. A character can use this ability a number of times a day equal to ½ his level.


Level 4+

  • Character gains use of the Ranger skill of the same name. Any Wisdom SIEGE checks made with use of this ability add only ½ of the character’s level to the roll.


  • Character gains three additional hit points and one additional use of his Shrug it Off ability per day.


  • Character gains use of the Ranger’s Tracking ability. The character does not get to add his level to checks to track, instead gaining a +2 bonus to his tracking roll. This adjunct can be taken multiple times, each time the character gains an additional +2 modifier to his rolls.

Two Weapon Combat

  • The character does not suffer any penalties for fighting with two weapons as long as one weapon is a light weapon.

Two Weapon Defense

Two Weapon Combat Adjunct

  • When fighting with two weapons the character can forgo attacking with the off handed weapon and gain a +1 AC bonus that round against up to two opponents.

Unarmed Expert

  • When making an unarmed strike the character does not use the Pummeling attack as outlined in the PHB. The character is treated as if he was armed and does 1d4 + Strength Modifier in damage.

Weapon Focus

  • Character gains a +1 bonus to all attack rolls made with the selected weapon.

Woodland Stride

Level 4+

  • Character gains the druid ability of the same name.


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